this is my little place on the chaosdorf.de server. what you will find here

last update: 12|10|2005 (yep, outdated! historicl reasons, only ;))

finally i am no one ...

daniel "dan" koening is my name. i am one of those guys and girls, which slacking around here, in my hometown, düsseldorf, joining forces with the chaos computer club düsseldorf - we are a local part of the ccc e.v. u can reach me via dan at chaosdorf dot de

so what am I doing?

hanging around in cyberspace, studying boring, sometimes very exciting things like graphic-design, communication-bloat and media-survivalism, net(h)activist, toying (my cv as pdf) around with gadgets and computers, drinking too much coffee (sugar+milk, please! or as cooper says "damm fine coffee!"), watching anime-stuff and other j-k-c-pop-splatter-prOn-trash-shit, still and again searching for the perfect soulmate and reading tons of books (mostly 5to10 in a row) and comics, the usual otaku-like things, somebody would expect from a twentysomething.

@the moment i am in australia, yeah right, this huge country on the other side of the world. oh gosh, i loved it. the people are amazing and the nature and wildlife is awesome! what i am doing here? Its a long story, trust me, but i will try to stay here till October 2005. You spell it "Working Holiday Visa". Its all about travelling, learning and growing up. Things, i should have done earlier my life.

if you want more information, whats going on in my life, especially here in Australia, please visit my daily and fresh output called rtng , my 2nd blog (2003 till now). It is mostly written in german, but i really wanna write more in english, so give it a chance


if you want to send my encrypted mail (i really prefer it), please use my public keys. if you dont know, how to do it, please look it up on the net, like gpg.org or/and pgpi.org or ask me! thanks for using crypto!




here are some lectures and prosa (BETA), i wrote. updating this part right now. sorry, check back later.

copyleft now! all rights reversed! take, for non-commercial use, whatever you want.