Ahoy. I am maride.

I am a member of D├╝sseldorfs local CCC chapter, Chaosdorf, since 07-Jun-2016.

My current interests are computer networks (dn42, iodine, bird), encryption (PGP/GPG, dm-crypt, FileVault) and programming (mostly C++ and Python). I love foo-ing around with hardware and operating systems, currently running two Hackintosh computers; you can find their setup and some dos and don'ts here.


The presentations I hold at Chaosdorfs Freitagsfoo are usually in German.


The Stadtsparkasse D├╝sseldorf (SSKD) hosted an election where you could vote for your favourite credit card motiv. This election had serious flaws I discovered, proved (votes below zero, votes above 1M), and made public (presented at Chaosdorf, informed SSKD via mail).

After the presentation, the SSKD tried to close the flaws, without success. The election was closed soon after.

Apple Desktop Bus

After I found an old Apple Extended Keyboard in my basement, I did some research on the Keyboard and its interface, the Apple Desktop Bus. And because the Apple Desktop Bus has some interesting features and ideas, I held this presentation to show it to others.


If it's really important, go stalk me. $ whois I just noticed that my favourite domain dealer doesn't leak my personal info anymore over whois. Yay. I was just informed that my favourite domain dealer started again to publish my information. Yay.

Please note that I like to receive encrypted mail, and it's likely that I ignore unencrypted mail. Grab my PGP key from keybase or from public key servers. Fingerprint is BECD 386D 1CDC B9C1.