C++-User-Group Treffen im Chaosdorf am Mi, 17.09.

Am Mi. den 17. Sep. trifft sich (wie jeden 3. Mittwoch im Monat) die C++ User-Group NRW und Interessierte zu einem Themenabend zu C++.

Thema diesmal: Experience with C++11 in ArangoDB

ArangoDB is an open source, multi-model NoSQL database that is written in C++ and embeds Google’s V8 engine to implement the higher levels of its functionality in JavaScript. Recently we decided to switch to C++11 for the database kernel.

In this talk I will first give a short overview of the software architecture of ArangoDB and proceed to tell you about our practical experiences with the switch to C++11. I will explain which of the parts of the “new” standard have been more important and which have been less useful, and I will report about the difficulties we encountered.

Ab 19:30 Uhr beginnt das Treffen im Chaosdorf.

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